California Lemon Law Consumer Advocate

California Lemon Law Consumer Advocate

Randy Sottile – Your Consumer Advocate

Your vehicle turned out to be a lemon!  All your answers are right here…


The last thing you ever expected has happened. You got a “lemon”. 

No worries. You have come to the right place. My name is Randy Sottile. I am your California Lemon Law consumer advocate for your lemon vehicle. I will easily lead you through the lemon law process – and it’s all free. The California Lemon Law is one of the strongest consumer protection laws in the country. This being said, the automobile manufacturers are very savvy, and would like nothing more than to see you just trade in your vehicle on another one. Forget the staggering monetary loss of doing that. Well – you get the idea.

I’m a 20-year California Lemon Law auto expert, and I’m your personal consumer advocate in getting rid of your “lemon”, whether it’s a car, truck, van, RV, or motorcycle. My free advocacy services are for 2017 and newer vehicles with repeated problems under the automobile manufacturers warranty. I’m the person on the internet that’s on your side. You can call, text or email me. Reach out to me however you like. Go to the “Contact Me” page for my contact details. I’m looking forward to helping you.


What to do…

Making a California lemon law claim/case is a process, and here’s how the process works…

  1. Identify if you have the right repairs/repair documents for a claim (that’s where I come in).
  2. Understand your options at pursuing a claim. Do-it-yourself with the auto manufacturer, Arbitration, or Attorney? (that’s where I come in)
  3. Starting the claims process by your chosen method of pursuing your case. (I’ll help you navigate through).

What not to do…

  1. Calling the automobile manufacturer Customer Assistance Center too soon. There is a reason.  I’ll explain why when we communicate.
  2. Hiring an attorney right away. It *may* be too soon for that as well.
  3. Arbitration. Not required in California to pursue a lemon law claim/case. Paid by the auto manufacturer. Does not help your situation.

How to start the quick and easy process…

  1. Locate your vehicle purchase or lease agreement from delivering car dealership.
  2. Locate all your completed dealer repair order Invoices.
  3. Contact me, and get your claim/case underway (I will make the process very easy to understand)

Be confident in knowing you’re making the right decisions by knowing the facts and your options…

  • I will show you how to end the frustration of your “lemon” vehicle in the quickest way possible.
  • I will answer your questions and calm your concerns.
  • I will explain to you how automobile manufacturers operate when it comes to “lemons”.
  • I will provide you with valuable information to maximize your lemon law refund.
  • I will show you how to deal with the dealership Service Department.
  • I will show you the easy way to get replacements for documents you may have misplaced or lost.
  • I will explain what you’re entitled to on your “lemon” vehicle.
  • I will empower you with information you won’t find anywhere else on the internet.
  • I will be your advocate to get through this with the best possible outcome.

Some consumers have already experienced the frustration of trying to deal with the automobile manufacturer without previous advocacy guidance, and being denied a claim on their “lemon” vehicle. Call me, text me, or email me. Let’s connect. I have also provided a link to the largest statewide lemon law attorney firm that does not charge the consumer for their legal client representation services – click here

Additional information on the California Lemon Law…

The California lemon law is a state law that provides a remedy for purchasers and lessees of cars, trucks, and all motor-driven vehicles of less than 10,000 GVW in order to compensate for vehicles that repeatedly fail to get repaired by the authorized warrantor of the manufacturer for defects that “substantially impair the use, value or safety of the vehicle”. These vehicles are called “lemons”. The California lemon law (the Song-Beverly Consumer Act) protects purchasers and lessees in the State of California. The California lemon law covers any vehicle covered by a warranty. The rights afforded to consumers by the California lemon law may exceed the warranties expressed in purchase contracts. Vehicles must be purchased or leased from a automobile dealership in California. “Private Party” sales are not applicable to the California Lemon Law.

Basis for a California lemon law claim…

At the core of the California lemon law is the manufacturer’s breach of warranty. A manufacturer’s warranty is what makes the manufacturer legally responsible for repairs to the consumer’s vehicle. It is a form of guarantee. An express warranty is typically a written warranty. An implied warranty unlike an express warranty, as it is not written. The law imposes these obligations on the manufacturer, seller or both. The California lemon law deals with written warranties, but can also be potentially utilized for “implied warranty of merchantability” as well. The California lemon law may cover situations like previous accidents, title “washing”, “salvage title”, and “odometer fraud/tampering” when the seller is aware of it and failed to disclose critical information to the buyer prior to/ at the time of purchase.

Repair Attempts and the California lemon law…

A California lemon law claim is predicated upon the warrantor’s inability to effect warranty repairs for defects in workmanship and materials in a reasonable number of repair attempts. If a defect is likely to “result in serious injury or death” the number of documented repair attempts can be as little as two (2). Though there is no “typical” number of repair attempts needed for most general problems with vehicle, three (3) or (4) repair attempts is the recognized number in most cases.

Days in Shop…

The California lemon law statute has a provision to protect consumers who have either too many days cumulative in the shop, too many days at one stretch (30+ continuous) for repairs, or for lack of availability of warranty repair parts for 30+ days continuous.

Consumers Responsibilities…

A recent State of California Appellate Court decision further clarified what a consumer’s responsibilities are in regards to warranty repair documentation requirements. To create a “repair attempt” under the California lemon law statute, a consumer must deliver the vehicle to the dealer, have a repair order created with the vehicle owners complaints/symptoms clearly noted, and for the vehicle owner to give the warranty providing dealer the opportunity to diagnose, and effect repairs to the vehicle to correct the non-conformity to warranty.

Differences between “extended warranties” and “service contracts”…

The California lemon law deals with breach of warranty. Automobile dealerships often offer for sale what they represent as “extended warranties”. These are in actuality, under our California lemon law statute, a “service contract”. The distinction between a “warranty” and a “service contract” in California is that a “warranty” is provided at no cost to the consumer, a “service contract” is a mechanical breakdown insurance policy that is sold to the consumer. Repairs performed under any non-warranty “service contract” are not applicable as “repair attempts” under the California lemon law.

Consumer Remedies under the California lemon law…

Consumers in California have various potential remedies under the California lemon law. One is known as a “repurchase” or “buyback”. This is where the automobile manufacturer buys the vehicle back, and returns all monies paid to the consumer. The automobile manufacturer also pays off any lease or loan balance. A statutory usage charge is calculated according to the state statute instructions. The consumer turns the vehicle back into the manufacturer’s transfer agent, and the “repurchase” (buyback) is completed.

The second remedy under the California lemon law is the “vehicle replacement”, which is commonly a “substitution of collateral” when a loan/lease is in place. In California, both the automobile manufacturer and the consumer must be in mutual agreement for a vehicle replacement to take place. There is no duty under the statute for either party to accept this resolution if one party does not agree with it. “Vehicle replacement” is only applicable to vehicles that were purchased or leased new.

The third remedy, though not any part of the California Lemon Law Statute, is the “cash settlement”. This is a negotiated cash payment made to the consumer by the vehicle manufacturer wherein the consumer gets to retain their vehicle, and at the same time receive monetary compensation for the time, hassles and inconvenience.

(Your vehicle is a 2017 - 2025, and is presently in OR out of factory warranty.)


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